Artist Nathan McCarron – The Artwork of Nathan McCarron

Artist Nathan McCarron

Born in Tasmania, Australia, artist Nathan McCarron has quickly become one of the most prominent pencil artists of his generation having his work praised by millions across the globe.

Self taught, Nathan dropped out of art class in year 8 to follow his passion for acting and drama. After graduating at 18, Nathan moved to Melbourne in search for work as an actor - always sketching and perfecting his pencil art on the side. After modeling for clothing brands like Jack London and starring as leads in Theatre shows and TV Commercials, Nathan was accepted to study at the Film & Television Studio International.

The artwork Nathan produces originally served as a creative outlet, sketching in-between working and auditioning as an actor. By posting his “side hobby” on Instagram, Nathan quickly gained the attention of fans including the subjects he’s drawn like P!nk, Rihanna, Whoopi Goldberg and Dame Enda. However, it wasn’t until Nathan joined the viral app TikTok posting progression videos during Covid Lockdown 2020 that things really took off.

Now with over 100 million views on TikTok and over a million followers on social platforms, the artwork of Nathan McCarron stands on its own and continues to affirm his reputation as an important figure in the arts.

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